Here are 1957 shots of Camelot and Carlisle, and
three photos of Cliffside in 1957, 1990 and 1996, as development proceeded after camp closure.
There are other plans for these pictures -- better scans and some
"instant" before-after comparisons. Stay tuned!

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The waterfront, castle, tennis courts and 
softball field, and the walkway toward the 
rifle range are visible. Also the corral.

Again, details of playing fields, buildings, 
rifle range, corral
and the swimming area are visible.

This is the way I remember it; a lot of open space; 
I think the campfire circle isvisible on the hill behind the row of 
small cabins housing the CITs, nature den, etc. Gym, 
mess hall and craft shop are clearly visible, as is the "bugle house"!
Note the rifle range at the top of the picture, 
off the end of the cabin row.

Well, camp is closed, and the development 
begins. The cabins and other camps buildings
are still visible, but being crowded. Look to the 
bottom of the picture for the infamous double swinging 
bridges across the forks of the Coal River!

Things are clearly out of hand. 
The development is overrunning the old camps 
buildings. The gym and craft shop are gone, 
but I can still pick out the cabin row.
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years. The effect is striking.
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