August 5, 2001 Pre-Reunion Gathering - Murad's, Charleston, WV
(Getting ready for the 20th-year Reunion in July, 2002)
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The guy in the left front who didn't quite smile quickly enough is Bob Lilley. The lady to his right is unidentified, followed by Alex Gumowski ... Randy Rice is the other seated guy who did remember to smile, and Ellen Pritchard may be catching a quick camera-nap on the far right, front row! Behind her is Tom Moriarty, and then Kris Sales Dunlap, John and Julie Wiles, Keith and Sherry Asbury, Marty Wyatt, Kurt Tauscher, (two unidentified people), Julie Harkins and another unidentified lady. And, yes, that's the Camelot Anvil down in front.

...and Randy Rice captures more Carbide Camps magic. The event was a big success! Much material made available.
Another shot at captions -- still not perfect, but...