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What: McKinney Dodge Presents Food, Drink and Fellowship
When: Friday July 12, 2002 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM
(Before 7:00 and after 10:00 is pay as you go.)
Menu: Its up to you. Be responsible, it will be a long weekend otherwise.
Where: Joey's Civic Center (304) 343-4121
Sponsor: McKinney Dodge Easley, SC 800 841-0909
During the above hours, Tim McKinney, his dad and his brothers paid for all food and drinks.
So, if you are in the market for a Dodge, check them out.
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The actual record used to play those Cliffside bugle calls! Brought to the Friday reception by Kris Radford. Audio is posted on the Cliffside "Bugle Page".
The Friday party gets underway. I see Ron Brooks in the background and Sandy French in the black top.
Lynn Hamilton Patrick, Julie Wiles and Kris Sales Dunlap work the name-tag concession; Ellen Pritchard's left arm also appears..
Looks like  Peggy Garska Johnson and Judy French Cain, accompanied by a big crowd. Sandy French is in black shirt.  David McKinney and Carol Gilbert are behind them 
John and Arden Harkins came all the way from Texas -- chatting with Ellen Lilley
The guy in the middle in the black shirt is Randy Rice, of Welcome Back to Camelot web-page fame, with his wife, Kelly.
Randy's great profile!
Filled Joey's Civic Center to capacity! Chris Mease in the foreground.
More revelry...
I kept getting the bartender in the picture -- He'd lean over just as the flash went off!
Scott Mease, event organizer with "Stevie" Brigode and Barbara (?).
Ellen with Nancy Duty -- Nancy provided a copy of Scott Mease's 1984 letter to the Charleston Gazette which was the first camps material posted on
It's all been fun from there!
Sarah Summers Trabucco-Higgs, another very early contributor to the web site. Thanks again!
Dabney and Belinda Jackson -- Remember -- "The Dab is Bad!"
Gypsy Barker Lyle -- Small world -- The Barkers bought our house in South Charleston when the family moved to England in 1959.
Ron Brooks goes over some camps pictures. Ron was reported to be  co-composer of "For Your Precious Love" with Jerry Butler -- not true, but the song was a favorite -- and I believe he wrote "Cliffside Blues", which is unpublished (and unprintable).
Scott Mease with Dabney
Names again?
Fred "Tweety" Theril (sp?), Ron Brooks, Bob Lilley and George Rosengarten in a chorus of "Country Roads"
Bob and Ellen Lilley together

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