The Carlisle Campfire Circle revisited by Carlisle Campers - Reunion, July 2002   Photo: Jane Harkins
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The circle, just between the road and Blue Creek between the Carlisle and Camelot campsites, was still very visible in 2002, and was still being used by (non-Carbide) campers!  During the July 2002 reunion many staffers, campers and their children visited the sites, which are rapidly fading from view due to post-Carbide uses for the Blue Creek land.
(Left to Right)
Kneeling:  Kelly "Sam" Fleshman, unknown, Kay Young Biddle, LeAnn VanMeter Litton, Ellen Richardson Pritchard, Jane Harkins, Julie Scharf Wiles, Sherry Heath Asbury, Amy Rice
Standing (1st Row):  Sarah Summers Trabucco-Higgs, Merge Yelton McMillion, Cyndi Yelton Alber, Tammy Foster, Sue Burford Smith, Bev Shea, Penny George Brick, Sandy French, Stevie Brigode, Unknown (maybe Betty McGinnis), Unknown, Unknown Child
(2nd Row):  Marty Wyatt Kerr, Lora Hill, Becky Gravenmeyer, Ann McBride, Unknown, Ellen Andrews, Unknown