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2014 Note: On this map, Dutch Ridge Road (Co. Rd. 69) is the red road running east and west. 
It turns into Spruce Fork Road (Co. Rd. 3) toward the east side of the map. 

Beware! Google Maps and other mobile apps may, or may not show these roads. There likely is only spotty cell service. Be prepared to be creative and careful!

The green line shows the way from Glen to the Hunting/Fishing (H/F) Lodge. 
After the steep rocky hill south of the Dutch Ridge/Spruce Fork Rd. crossing, there are four creek crossings 
which should be OK for a vehicle with good clearance, like a pickup or a sizeable SUV

To get to the Camelot and Carlisle sites from the H/F Lodge, it is probably best to go back up to the 
Dutch Ridge/Spruce Fork crossing, turn left, and return to the Creek via the “walk-in” near the Camp Galahad site. 

The road along the creek from H/F to Galahad is described as “really bad.” 
So don’t try it unless you are driving a capable 4-wheel-drive vehicle, or maybe a bulldozer.

Just downstream of Galahad is probably the deepest Creek crossing we have to negotiate. 
So, hope for dry weather and come equipped!

Map 2 - Carbide Hunting/Fishing Lodge and Camps Sites