29th - Year Union Carbide Summer Camps Reunion
July 15-17, 2011 - Save the Dates!
There will be a casual Friday night get-together at the MainStreet Cafe (details in a later e-mail). Even more casual on Saturday, to the Creek --  rendezvous at the Hunting and Fishing Club (click here to see the maps). Saturday night camping on the creek for those who want to - everyone is on their own for food, beer, etc. at the Creek.) We're keeping it very casual and inexpensive and no-host this year, saving up for next year's event: 

We'll be doing some preparing for 2012 - The BIG 30th Carbide Camps Reunion!

Nearly twenty-nine years have passed since the last of the Union Carbide Summer Camps were closed. For the past ten years, groups of former campers have returned to the Charleston - South Charleston area and to Blue Creek to celebrate their time as campers and to introduce their children and friends to the place and the people.

Don't be discouraged by Blue Creek or Clilffside changes you see or hear about. We "own" part of the history of those places. Our memories and friendships perpetuate that ownership. Even if we someday have to re-unite in the housewares section of a future Blue Creek Wal-Mart, we will remember that on that exact spot in "our time" stood The Castle, or Wing 1, or The Rifle Range. 

Yes, the place (and we people!) have changed somewhat, but the spirit has not. We are still in that most wonderful of human processses, making the camps ever more perfect by our successes and our challenges, and through our remembering. We are all products of a simpler time, but as camps alumni we were well-equipped to grow and evolve as our surroundings  and circumstances demand.

"Don't let it be forgot..." Join us on the July 15-17 weekend!