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SMap to Hunting/Fishing Lodge - 1
-- See below for driving directions and even pictures of important landmarks! --

Directions to the Carbide Hunting and Fishing Club

1. Take I-79 north from Charleston to the Clendenin exit.

2. Take U.S. route 119 south into Clendenin.

3. In Clendenin, turn left onto Elk River Road (WV Rt 4).

4. Go east on Elk River Rd. (about 4 miles) to the Queen Shoals Bridge. Turn right and go across the bridge.

5. Go south on this road (Rt 1) past the Glen Post Office/General Store (it's about 10 miles, so don't get worried too early!)
 to the signs which direct you to the intersection of the dirt road to the club, which is across Dutch Ridge Road 
(also known as Spruce Fork in Clay County) at the top of a hill and slightly to the right. You will cross the creek four times to get to the club.

LANDMARKS - these were in place last year, anyway!

                  At the bridge                           At the start of the dirt road                         You may also see this sign
                                                                 off Dutch Ridge                                        at the top of the hill
                                                                                                                                   (Thanks, Dave Gardner!)