Amy Griswold sent some pictures from the 2007 Reunion!
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On the way.jpg

Here's where you turn.jpg

Getting closer.jpg

Geeze, are we ever going to get there.jpg

Upper Lake Carbide sign 14July07.jpg

Camelot Castle clearing.jpg

Amy Griswold & grandson, Azel, and Camelot cabin foundation.jpg

Black Cat C cell battery Camelot campfire.jpg

Camelot campfire.jpg

Carlisle campfire.jpg

Kristiin Glancy (right) Camelot campfire.jpg

Kristiin Glancy, Bob Lilley and Randy Rice at Camelot campfire.jpg

many campers and Camelot campfire.jpg

pathway to Camelot campfire.jpg

Patio remnant Camp Carlisle.jpg