From Randy Rice:
Whatever you're doing right now…..

Relax... Think a minute...

What is the ONE THING that reminds you most of camp?

It could be a song (Aimee, what choo wanna do-ooo)
It could be a thing (Taco Bell was brand new . . . they had like three items)
It could be a TV show (OH NO, Mr. Bill!)
It could be a smell (Saddle Leather . . . let's see if I can pull that off on the web)
It could be a pair of tennis shoes (Nikes with the red swoosh!)
It could be anything . . .

Once you have done that, go to and register for the 25th Year Reunion -- order some of the one-of-a-kind T-shirts -- and get ready for more FUN!

 (Besides -- the planning is easier if we know early about attendance!)