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Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 25th-Year 
Union Carbide Camps Camelot, Carlisle, and Cliffside Reunion!
(A Randy Rice production)

Number 10: Kristin Glancy has been dodging creekers and mutants for the past month getting the old camp sites cleaned up for the reunion.

Number 9: Barbara Hicks has hooked us up with a DJ who is guaranteed to take us all back in time (submit your song requests via

Number 8: Lynn Hamilton Patrick has firm assurances from the folks at the Hunting & Fishing club . . . we are welcome! (If you haven’t been back yet this is truly like visiting camp!)

Number 7: The cemetery is mysteriously no longer a 30-minute hike. We moved it closer to the road so you can get there in about 2 minutes!

Number 6: Yes . . . we’ve confirmed, your old boyfriend/girlfriend will definitely be there . . . and they are smok’n hot !

Number 5: The more people we have there the easier it will be to remember the words to all the songs.

Number 4: Randy has officially cancelled his reenactment of the streaking incident (see the stories page at )

Number 3: Instead, my good buddy Wiles has agreed to reenact the Cream-o/spatula incident.

Number 2: Anyone who played a guitar then and brings one with them now is definitely, better!

And . . . the number ONE reason to attend the 25th-Year Union Carbide Camps Camelot, Carlisle, and Cliffside Reunion . . . 

A whole weekend of fun and flashbacks, 
for less than the price of a cheeseburger and large fries at Disney World!

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