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From Randy Rice:

I've heard more people than I can remember say, "If I won the lottery I would rebuild camp". 

Well, so far as I know no one has won the lottery, and there are no current plans to rebuild camp. HOWEVER, Kristin Glancy is coming pretty darn close. Seriously, she's done the work of about 20 JC's all by herself over the past few weeks. Take a look at the pictures here and and I think you'll agree, . . . the place is looking a lot more like home.

Straight up, if you haven't decided about attending the reunion this year, consider:

I absolutely guarantee, there will be people there you will be glad to see, and they are looking forward to seeing you. How long has it been . . . 20, 25 - 30 years? It'll seem like yesterday!

The camps have never been this cleaned up. Getting to any of the landmarks will not be so much a hike as it is just a walk.

Friday night will be a blast! Seriously, a night you'll remember as fondly as your prom, graduation, or best friend's wedding. Barbara Hicks is working very closely with a DJ who will play songs - based on our requests - exclusively from camp. 

If you've not been back, you've got to get at least to the Lodge on Saturday. The drive out, no matter which way you go, is virtually unchanged. Walking up to the lodge the smells and the sounds all bring it right back home. You can't get any closer to an honest-to-God time machine. 

On a slightly more ominous note . . . there're rumors about that the timber and coal companies have their eye on the camps. It is possible - no certain, but possible - that the face of camp could change radically and forever before we get together again. 

With busy schedules, kids, grandkids, reunions, and vacations I know it's easy to let the camp reunion slip by. It's been so long - it's a long trip - you're not certain who will be there...

Forget about all that. This is the big event! Register today, and tell all your camps buddies. 
You'll be glad you did. 
 See you soon!