A Weekend on Blue Creek!

An impromptu and informal get-together;
Barb Hicks Neddo, Marty WyattAmy Griswold, Randy Rice,
Franklin Kerr and Lisa Austin were on hand.
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...and before you ask: Yes, the beans did explode! 

 Here's how we advertised the weekend:

The weekend chosen is the 3rd and 4th of October, 2020!

It's an impromptu get together. Some will stay 3 days,
some just a Saturday overnight, others a day trip. 

It's a bring your own food and drink; visit or camp at your own risk.
If we can't be found at the old Camelot spot, we'll be at Carlisle. 

Bringing of 4-wheelers is highly recommended! 

Point of contact: Barb Hicks Neddo <>


Important Safety Tips for "happily ever-aftering" on the Creek: Visits are much encouraged, but at this time we are still not certain of the status of land ownership and accessibility. The Hunting and Fishing Club building May, or may not be present or available to us, but in either case, utilities are likely not available (water, electricity, etc.). Be optimistic and plan to camp, hike, fish, wade, explore, 4-wheel . . . remember!
Y'all be careful out there! Remember that roads are bad, cell phones likely will not work and that emergency services are not close. Bring your own gear for life on the Creek, watch for critters and high water, and watch out for each other!

" seems impossible that [Carlisle and Camelot are] gone. Impossible that bulldozers flattened such a special place. That kudzu and rhododendron have overtaken campfire circles, choked out footpaths, and erased those few things the dozers passed by."  (Karen Vingle Fuller, Charleston Newspapers, after 20 years since Blue Creek closure)

"Don't let it be forgot..." In movies and newspapers, from stars and plain-folks alike, we KNOW what we believe and how Cliffside, Camelot and Carlisle indeed live on in us.

2020 marks 38 years since closure of the Blue Creek camps.

Keep our sister camp in mind when you plan your next vacation in West Virginia.  This link will take you to the website  Camp Brookside 
Also visit and

 for pictures and other memories.

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