Here are some snapshots from Carlisle from 1969 through 1972,
sent by Erin Lynch on behalf of her mother, Deborah Richmond of Virginia

There are few names, and Deborah and Erin would appreciate
any help other former campers can provide!
Penny (George) Brick sent in the names of counselors Suzie Roberts (?) Betty McGinnis, Stephanie Deverick(?),
Debby Yelton, Nancy Nygren, and campers Celeste Fenno and Kim Carney

Below - Nancy Hayes(?) on the right (Thanks to Dave Gardner.)

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 Dave Gardner sez: "Looks like a staff photo from 1970"; 
Dave is front row, second from left. He says Drew Seguin is
front row, second from right.

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That picture of the counselors standing in the water keep cropping up! 
How many people were on the shore with cameras?!


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