Kristiin Glancy sent a few Carlisle pictures, and we could use some help
on the names/dates here, also!
"This Carlisle cabin is located just (2-300 yards, maybe) west of the Mink Shoals exit on I 79.  I talked to the woman who owns it and she was willing to sell it for what she paid for it. She is asking $2500.00.  I last spoke with her in July of 2004.  I have spoken to "Cathead" from Oakwood Mobile Homes, which is located in Barboursville, WV.  He thinks it is movable, but he would have to look at it first.  If anyone wants to buy it tell them to contact me and I will tell them where she lives and how to get in touch with her."


 Apparently this is an early coronation ceremony, which would have been before 1953, when Carlisle was built. 

Back Row: Mary Ellen Rousseau, Janet Ramsey (Lady Guinevere), Linda Perry
Front Row: Marilyn Lyon, Sarah TenEyck,  Nancy Marples (not pictured)

 Carlisle Period 5 in 1955

This picture was filed along with Kristin's others, but I really can't swear it came with the set. 
Need help with names!