Penny (George) Brick sent these pictures after the July, 2003 mini-reunion!
Something old, something new...
and new pictures posted February 2006 - and more September 2009

At first the scanner and e-mailer got the better of her -- 
she sent a picture of her cat by mistake...
It's a good-looking cat, so here's the picture!

Here's a shot of the Glen, WV Post Office,
"just up the road" -- a lot of winding road! Actually, the main building was "Mullins' Store", a favorite camps staff-spot. 

Here begins a series of 60s camp pictures...

Camp Dance Penny George, escort Hal Wright

Dabney Jackson, Becky Hubbard Fortune Telling

Dave 'Kidd'  Gandee Fan Club

Evening on Blue Creek

Fall on Blue Creek

Fitness on the creek-Gordon France

Merge Yelton, back in the day

Penny George,  Foster Theiling Van overnight

Sue Pollart, Scott Mease, Stake out

Terry Murphy and the truck van overnite

Carlisle sign raid at Camelot 1975 
Front Row: Nancy Gladwell, CindyYelton. Back Row: Becky Hubbard, Sue Pollart, Penny George, Merge Yelton, Karen Runyon, Kay Young.

Mary Ann McElwee - about 1967

Kay Young, Merge Yelton, reading room in the Carlisle Castle

Carlton Gandee at Staff Dinner

Mike Potter and Gordon France

Cindy Yelton, Penny Brick and Dave Rollins

Hootenanny wrestling match-Tom Moriarty, Penny George, Becky Hubbard, Jim Haines

Camelot CIT Skit starring Ron Keeling - 1975

Hootenanny wrestling match-Gail Betts, Nancy Nygren, Tom Moriarty

Terry Murphy in front of the Camelot Castle

Gary Cole, gordon France, Mike Potter, Tom Moriarty

Walk-in overnight-Sue Pollart, Sandy French, Merge Yelton, Kay Young, 
Jill Steinmetz, Lucy Wang

TP Raid on Carlisle, 1967?

Carlisle 50's dance skit 1974-Nancy Gladwell, Cindy Yelton, Penny George, Becky Hubbard, Kathy Hackney, Lindy Nygren, Sue Burford, Debbie Pecsok

Carlisle counselors 1975 Back row: Penny George, Kay Young, Sue Pollart, Nancy Gladwell, Front Row: Cindy & Merge Yelton