Carlisle 1972 Snapshots -- Thanks, Sarah!

...another picture discovered recently...
"Carlisle CITs 1972"

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In front of the Camp Director's wing: Nancy Gladwell, Sarah Summers, Gail Betts and Beth Canterbury.
Nancy Nygren in the Castle with campers. ...and, the "mystery girl"  with the fork signed in as 
Rebecca  Hubbard 
(now Meckley).

Thanks, Becky!

Carlisle staff in their finest. See the enlargement for names. Also shows some of the plaques in the Castle. Note the blank one (lowest) awaiting the name of the 1972 Camper of the Year.
The Charleston Catholic High School sweatshirts, en masse! Seated Sandy Wheeler; From left, Sarah Summers, Nancy Nygren, Gail Betts, Becky Hubbard, Beth Canterbury, Betty McGinnis, Debbie Yelton.

( Staff of 1972 - Carlisle )

With image enhancement, those plaques read:
Camper of the Year
1969 - Ginger Williams
1970 - Denise Althouse
1971 - Nancy Brabbin

Thanks, Kris! 

Far left - Robin Bright (now Robin Eskins). This must have been about the time Cliffside closed and younger children went to the Blue Creek camps. Robin is Sarah's niece.
( Three photos at left ) 
The versatile Betty McGinnis:
profile, olympics, guitar.

The olympics enlargement is great!

( above ) Mary Lee Yelton plays with Beth Canterbury's hair. Gail Betts in hair rollers (with cigar?!).
( left ) Gail Betts and Kelly Cielensky, the Coach's daughter, 1972.

Note the pictures and rattlesnake skin on the wall.

A visit from Russ
Enlarge for caption

Enlarge for caption

Sandy Wheeler directs the olympics!

Robin Bright again (green sweatshirt), on overnight

Carlisle Dam
Enlarge for caption

A Camelot "sign raid" on Carlisle...

...and Carlisle fights back - with pillows!

Carlisle Castle dance prep.
Enlarge for caption

Carlisle JCs at stable. One writer says the one on the right may be Rich Mallory.
Gail in makeover mode with Nancy's help. Note Camper of the Year plaques on the Carlisle Castle wall.
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