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Kris' handwriting
Bugle Building at Cliffside Activity at Cliffside was regulated (somewhat) by bugle calls, from the small building in the center of the play area, in front of cabin row. The picture to the left (thanks, Patty Harmon) should jog some memories. Part of the building was for storage of equipment (badminton racquets, etc), and the other housed the public-address system through which reveille, taps, and the Lord's prayer were played. 
Kris Radford came to the 2002 reunion, and brought with her the original record used for the bugle calls, that were played through those large loudspeakers on top of the building! So, of course, it has now been digitized, and you can once again marvel at the sound. 
The record - Side 1
The record - Side 2 Believe me, I think I can remember some of the clicks, scratches and surface noise! In the mornings, you'd hear that machine starting up even before the bugle sounded...
Reveille - "...cant get 'em up in the morning..."
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To the Color - Flag raising
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Retreat - Flag lowering
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Mess Call
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