Remembering Camp Cliffside - Campfire Facts
A Cliffside memory - on paper before I forget it entirely. 

Campfire introduction - Remember: the whole camp was in Native American mode. 
I've heard various other versions of this; maybe it evolved from year to year...? 
(Anyway, this is what I remember from the 50s)

Wah kon-dah daaay... doo...
Wah pon tay naaa .. to-nay
Wah kon-dah daaay... doo...
Wah pon tay naaa .. to-nay

Now: Who remembers the "magic campfire" which seemed to light itself after this chant? 
One of the first things I learned as a CIT was how to make that work. 

At Cliffside, the magic fire was lit using a piece of pipe which ran from behind and under the Chief's chair underground to the middle of the campfire itself. For each fire, we would build a little rocker unit out of two forked sticks and a stick suspended between them. On this top stick we would put a little tray made out of tinfoil. Another tray was put on the ground between the two sticks. A wire running through the pipe was attached to the tray.

Then we would build the campfire itself around all this, and last, we would pour glycerin in the tray on the ground, and crystals of potassium permanganate in the upper tray. (I believe I remember the chemicals right -- don't try this at home!)

Pull on the wire, dump the crystals into the glycerin, and you've got a fire!

"...Translated from the language of the red man to that 
of the white...Father, a needy one stands before you, 
I who speak am he/she."
Larrie (O'Dell) Bartrug sent this phrase, 
which she remembers as the 
Campfire finale.