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Cliffside pictures thanks to Peggy Wooten Buttz,
daughter of Loyd Wooten, long-time caretaker at Cliffside

Peggy promises there will be many more:
"Dad was there 24/7 to keep the place running so everyone could remember the good times they had at camp."

Peggy's dad, Loyd Wooten, in 1962

A scene many of us never saw - Cliffside in Winter

Just could not resist a second Winter scene. Note the gym, 12 cabins, equipment and "bugle" house, dining hall, dispensary.
Maybe Peggy can help with more identifications when she sees this. I know there were the dispensary and director's house,
and I believe the craft shop, CIT cabin and nature cabin are out of sight in the upper right.

The Wooten home at Cliffside. Peggy grew up here.