Pictures of the former Cliffside Camp Site, taken in April, 2000.

(And a re-visit in 2002 – scroll down)

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The original entry still stands, but with a new sign and new meaning. The road and the Coal River are behind the camera; the large grass play area is now filled with homes. The fishing lake is still there. The gymnasium/office was located near where the road curves in the background

Looking out (east) through the entrance toward the road and river. Seems to me there was about nothing but treesto the right (north) of the gravel road, and grass to the left. Pretty well developed now. I'm standing near where the gym was, and the cabin row started, to my left, with its long flagstone walkway. (Remember the drinking fountains with the tasty, iron-laden water?!)

Here's one of the cabin pairs (maybe 5-6?), pretty forlorn in the trees and brush, but still recognizable. There were two cabins per building, with screens and shutters; a front door with steps down to the stone walk, and the bathroom in back. Something like 14 of us stayed in each cabin. Remember the hole in the window sill on each cabin, where the flag was placed if your cabin won inspection?


Here's Cabin 11-12, as we never knew it! A later owner is working it over; some are rather well transformed into houses. Cabins 11-12 were for years at the north end of the line, closest to the rifle range. Later, Cabins 13-14 were added, at right angles to the original cabin row.

Remember the walk up the hill to the dining hall three times a day? Good food and good songs ... good times. To the right on the hillside were the craft and nature halls and the JC cabin - all gone now, replaced by houses.

Up the hill behind the gymnasium was the dispensary. It's still there, with new housing construction all around it. I only had to go there once, for a huge blister from long walks in moccasins. A little hydrogen peroxide fixed it up.

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Revisit in 2002

Approaching the entry to Cliffside along Coal River Road. The stone marker is in the center of the picture. Remember the playing field and the big white fence that used to be here?

I wonder if some of my past picture-taking visits prompted this sign?!

Looking across the rifle range site toward cabins 13-14, from the North. There are mansions here now, on the property just north of the campsite. The “new” campfire circle would have been to the left center of the picture.

Again from the north – just about where the rifle range was.

Along Coal River Road at the northeast corner of Cliffside. The softball fields were in this corner of the camp.