Barrel Stitch


Choose 2 strands of gimp each 9 times the length of finished item:
3 feet of gimp make 4 inches of barrel stitch
9 feet of gimp make 12 inches of barrel stitch
1.To finish lanyard-- Turn already made round braid upside down to make barrel stitch slide.
Tie strands around braid with light strands opposite each other and dark strands opposite each other.(Fig A)
To begin Barrel Stitch-- Choose 2 strands of gimp. fold unworked strands in half and make a simple knot; or fold unworked strands in half and snap on snap hook. You are ready to start barrel stitch.
2. Fold strand 1 to opposite side leaving a small loop. Fold strand 2 over strand 1 leaving a small loop (Fig. B). Hold both strands in place with fingers.
3. Fold strand 3 over strand 2 and hold(Fig. C).
4. Fold strand 4 over strand 3 and through loop left in strand 1 (Fig. D).
5. Pull strands taut (Fig. E). Take strands 1 and 4 in one hand, 2 and 3 in the other, and pull. Take 1 and 2 in one hand, and 3 and 4 in the other, and pull again. This completes the base of the barrel stitch. It is the same as the first stitch of the box stitch.
6. Fold strand 1 and 3 diagonally over previous stitch. Leave 2 small loops and hold. Fold strand 2 diagonally over strand 1, and through loop of 3. Fold strand 4 diagonally over strand 3, and through loop of 1 (Fig. H). Pull strands tightly (Fig. I). You have just completed the only 2 steps necessary to make the barrel stitch. Continue until desired length is worked (Fig. J). The colors will form a spiral around the barrel as you work.
7. There are two ways to end the barrel stitch:1) Tie the gimp ends together in a simple overhand knot; 2) Leave the last stitch a little loose and bring the gimp ends through the center of the last stitch, and pull the stitch tight. Clip the ends to 1 inch.
8. If desired, the barrel stitch may be used as a "slide" around a round braid; as a bracelet with a knotted beginning; or attached to a snap hook for a key chain fob.