Round Braid


Choose 3 times the length of finished item:
3 feet makes 1 foot of round braid
6 feet makes 2 feet of round braid
1. Choose 2 strands of gimp. Hang snap hook on a nail, cup hook or suction cup hook with small end down. Draw both strands through the hook. Make certain all ends are even.
2. For diamond stitch, arrange strips as in Fig. A. Number strands 1, 2, 3, and 4 from left to right. You are ready to start braiding.
3. Place strand 4 under strands 3 and 2, then back over strand 2 (Fig. B). Pull strands tight (Fig.C).
4. Place strand 1 under strands 2 and 4, then back over 4 (Fig. D). Now pull strands tight! Untangle loose strand ends as you go and do not allow them to twist (Fig. E).
5. You have just completed the only two steps necessary to repeating steps (under 2 strands and back over 1) until desired length is braided.
6. The spiral stitch round braid is set up with 2 strands of alternating colors (Fig. F). Braid strands the same as for diamond stitch (under 2 strands and back over 1).
7. To fasten off, tie simple overhand knot to secure ends.