Please note: Ellen Pritchard wrote this in 2001 and posted it to her web site. After that, her web provider deleted it. Bummer.
I happened to have a copy of the text, and we're trying to reassemble the pictures. Bear with us!

Trip to Camp - Monday June 18, 2001

My Dad's Father's Day present to ME, was to spend the next day with me, and drive out to Blue Creek.
~Ellen Richardson Pritchard~

Driving through the little town of Quick my eyes fixed upon finding Dutch Ridge Road, so many thoughts and feelings flooded my mind. We had our maps from Map Quest, and Topo Maps from Topo Zone. 
There was the sign for Dutch Ridge Road.. We headed up the hill and along Dutch Ridge Road looking for our turn off to go over the hill and down towards Galahad. We weren't quite sure if we could locate it, and sure enough we missed it. We ended up at the end of Dutch Ridge Road where the roads all meet. There was the sign for the Hunting and Fishing Club!!!

Was it really still there ?? We turned down the narrow road following the sign, one place we came to, the road divided, we weren't quite sure which way to go, we chose the road most traveled and finally we came upon another sign pointing us onward. Finally we came upon one last sign, it read "Carbide Recreation Club". 
We were there, there was the lower lake !! Across the lower lake we saw the Lodge, yes the Hunting and Fishing Club WAS still there. There was a little white guard house we stopped and I signed in. 
Oh how different everything looked. There were trailer campers, and a mobile home, there was a man walking around by the mobile home, not knowing if we would even be allowed to be there we drove across a little bridge and into the yard/driveway of the mobile home. I got out and spoke to the man, he told me he was the caretaker. We had noticed a sign pointing toward the upper lakes, even though we couldn't see them, he told us one had been drained and said we could drive up there and look around, he told us who to contact for membership information, I was thinking ahead, thinking about a reunion, wanting someone to be a member so that we could "legally" be on the creek. He told us the road down toward that camp, (meaning Galahad), was in really bad shape, he said that we would probably have to go back around Dutch Ridge and take the road over the hill. We thanked him for the information and continued on. We drove up the road where the sign pointed toward the Upper Lake, we saw nothing but brush and turned around. The road was no more than a path.

We came out of the road from the Hunting and Fishing Club and decided to try the old way, turning the opposite direction of the way we had came we were on our way. What Road? Where did it go ? There used to be a road here, not much of a road here now. We continued on, not really having a place to turn around, the road was in terrible condition, I was so afraid we'd get stuck.

Finally we came to a place where the road looked freshly paved and graveled, it was in great shape, it was the road that came from Dutch Ridge.

Within in moments there was Galahad, it was still there, there were "campers" playing basketball, a few others walking near the pool. Besides a new bridge over into the camp, it hadn't changed at all.

Did this mean Carlisle and Camelot would still be there? They really weren't gone? Surely they were there. We would stop at Galahad on the way back I told Dad, we needed to get on down the creek.

We forded the creek at Galahad and proceded down the road towards Camelot. I really knew in my heart it would still be there, all this talk of the camps being torn down, hmmm, I don't think so. I knew that when we came to Camelot, and it was intact, Carlisle would be as well.

From the creek crossing at Galahad to the crossing at Camelot was not near as far as I remembered.

There it was, the creek crossing into Camelot !! The "No Tresspassing" sign was still on the tree at the edge of the creek, but, someone had forgotten to hang the Camelot sign there beneath it. Noone had been keeping the weeds cut, (man the new caretaker sure wasn't as profficient as Russ), I couldn't see the Camelot Castle and Wings from this side of the creek the weeds were too high. The left turn out of the creek into Camelot's driveway had been washed out by "recent" high water. Oh well we'd just go straight through the creek and turn back to the left into Camelot. The swinging bridge was gone, I guess it finally got too old and was no longer needed, campers might get hurt on it so it had to be torn down.

We forded the creek but could not turn back to our left, there was brush where the road should be, and looking straight ahead, where was the pool ??

Tears flooded my eyes and replaced the anticipation of finding our beloved summer place filled with the sounds of campers singing and laughing.

We could see where the pool had been, and the field between the pool and Camelot's driveway. We could see the knoll that once held Camelot's Castle and wings, I could picture Ma and Faye's little cabin there behind the Castle.

I knew it was useless to continue down the graveled road toward Carlisle, but, I had to see for myself that it too had been destroyed by the cold, hard, steel blades of the bulldozers.

So, on we went.

There on the right we could see where the old road had cut back across the creek, the old bridge wall is a lonely survivor. There behind it is the clearing where the Camelot corral was. Boy, does that place have memories!!

At the mouth of Panther Hollow and near where the Carlisle damn once stood there was a man spreading grass seed around a new gas well operation.

Then, there it was, or actually, WASN'T.

The Carlisle site was less recognizable than that of Camelot. The road has changed, the creek has changed, you couldn't tell where the road had once went by the driveway, instead it kinda dropped off into the creek. There is what appears to be a 4-wheeler path down the center of Carlisle following the old sidewalk. We made it a little past where the front of the Castle had once been. Past this point the brush was really thick, I was in sandals and afraid to walk very far.

The stone patio area in front of the "reading room", (front of the Castle), and portions of the stone sidewalk were the only visible signs anything had been there at all.
I could picture in my mind every inch of what had once been. 
I relived every step I had ever taken here. 
Every friend I had ever seen on this sidewalk.

(Next time I come back, I thought, I will bring the 4-wheeler so I can make it a little futher than Dad's van could take me, I will make it through the creek, will see if the corral spot is visible. I'll see if that stone fountain is still there. I'll go as far as I can on that 4-wheeler, will see if I can find where the rifle range was.)

I took some pictures and took in every inch of the place, I searched for anything, any sign of Carlisle once having been there. I believe there was an evergreen that may have been at the back corner of wing one. 
I couldn't even tell where the path had went up the hill to the vespers circle, but, behind my closed eyes, which couldn't contain the tears, it was ALL there.

We left Carlisle and headed back down the road, we stopped at Galahad and found the people running it..

Galahad is now a year round Christian boarding school for troubled boys. It was bid on by a Church group and a Nudist Colony. The Church's bid was lower but, was accepted over that of the Nudist Colony. 
Could you imagine a Nudist Colony at Galahad ?

Galahad is now called Camp Joshua Scott.

The VERY low price for which it was purchased makes one wish that the Carbide Camps could have been purchased and preserved, instead of a place for the brush to consume. What a shame Camp alumni couldn't have purchased Camp Galahad and set up a camp for our children and grandchildren as well as a place for reunions and gatherings. Galahad at least was spared from the bulldozers.

The folks at Galahad were very nice, invited us in and told us about their Camp Joshua Scott. They had originally purchased Galahad and 15 acres, they have since purchased 55 more acres and are thinking of checking into buying more down the creek toward, and possibly including, Camelot and Carlisle. I showed them pictures of how it used to look, they couldn't believe it was gone.

They couldn't believe it was gone ????


We left Galahad went up the hill to Dutch Ridge and headed for home. Took pictures of the turn off, I won't miss it next time.

As soon as I got home I called the man who's name I had gotten from the caretaker at the hunting and fishing club. The next day my check was in the mail, and two days later I received my receipt and am now a member. I have another trip planned allready.

We ARE taking the 4-wheelers and are going to see if we can find some of the old trails.

The Hunting and Fishing Club is a bit ran down, I'm not even sure who actually owns it, but, it feels good to know I can visit the creek. 
The lodge can be rented out and the man I spoke to on the phone about my membership said we can rent it for our reunion.

Sure would be nice to breath some life back into the creek, gathered together with friends from those wonderful times.

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lower lake on the way out of the club

Camp Galahad

creek crossing at Camelot

left turn out of creek into Camelot's driveway

standing in road facing where the pool was

standing in front of the poolsite, looking towards Camelot's Castle and Wings.

Gas well across creek, to the left of Panther Hollow

Looking down through Carlisle from where the Carlisle sign would be.

The Patio area, Castle's fireplace would be on the left

Standing directly in front of the patio area.

I think this evergreen was at the rear corner of Wing1, this picture was also taken standing near where the Carlisle sign would have been.

Standing approximately where the driveway was, looking toward Wing 1.

Camp Galahad coming from Camelot

the folks running Galahad

Turn off from Dutch Ridge to Galahad, the sign on the tree says "Camp Joshua Scott"


Thanks Dad for going with me,
I know it was as hard for you to see me heartbroken, as it was for me to be heartbroken.
I love you very much, and I thank you for providing me the opportunity to attend Carbide Camp!

Check back soon for the update of my second trip, June 29 - July 1, we camped at the Hunting and fishing club, and road 4 wheelers to the camps and around the ridges, and were very pleasantly surprised by who we ran into !!! Check back SOON for details.

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