The Former Union Carbide Building 82 on McCorkle Avenue in South Charleston --
Another Landmark Gone

A Carbide News article on the Building 82 opening in 1949

(Be careful! The audio on these videos is LOUD!)

New on March 27, 2009: Click here to see WSAZ Huntington video of preparations for implosion.

Click here [1] [2]  [3]   for the actual implosion video, from three angles,

and here for another video clip, from the Montrose Drive bridge over the railroad and Second Avenue.


and here for Barb Hicks Neddo's pictures and video.

The building was imploded on March 28, 2009. There was an eBay auction
for the opportunity to "push the button", for which the winning bid was $5,207! The winner donated
the ticket back to University of Charleston, which then raffled it off!

Jim O'Dell sent these "before" shots:

Anything after March 28 will be "after"