Some 1950s Cliffside photos from the Lilleys, in South Charleston, WV and New York City

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Two nice overall pictures of the Cliffside lay-out in 1959, from Ruth Lilley. Click for enlargements.
<< Well ...>>

I tried to improve on the original It's on the right ... you be the judge. Cliffside entry in 1953, with the gym/office building in place. Compare with the 1940's picture elsewhere on this site.

<< The flagpole, out in the play area.

Seems everyone takes a picture of the stage area. Anne Connolly wrote to say she thought this was Peter, the younger of her two brothers. It's been a long time, but I think I buy that! Since the Connollys and the Lilleys were next-door neighbors in South Charleston and good friends, it's reasonable that I'd have a picture of Peter. >>

<< My sister Ruth, on the left and an unidentified friend. Ruth went on to become Queen Guinevere in 1959 at Carlisle.


...and here are some of those famous lanyards! The craft shop must have dispensed miles of that plastic tape! 

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Provided by Robert G. Lilley and posted 7/12/01 -- Thanks, Dad!