Hello, Campers -- it's time to make your move;
The Special Time is here -- only a few clicks away!
The 25th-Year Reunion is at hand!
July 13-15, in the Charleston, WV area!
Each evening, from December to December,
Before you drift to sleep upon your cot;
Think back on all the tales that you remember...

Ask every person if they've heard the story,
And tell it strong and clear if they have not;
That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory...

Even now, fifty years later, I cannot hear that song, or even type the words, without tears. It's been a long time, but the memories we made on Coal River and Blue Creek persist. The more recent good times we've had revisiting and remembering and reuniting on the Creek have made it clear once again that it's not only we, but also the "next generations" who benefit from those remarkable summers. At the 20th-year reunion, it was moving to see former counselors showing youngsters how to weave that plastic tape into lanyards -- just like the Craft Shop!

Cliffside, Camelot and Carlisle live on, as long as we remember,
and as long as we live their example.

Take advantage of this blue-light, E-ticket special!
Go to www.carbidecamps.net or www.wrandyrice.com/camp/ to register
and arrange hotel accommodations at special Camps rates!

Whether or not you pre-register, come anyway! Walk right in and enjoy!

Just cannot make it to Charleston this year? Order a T-shirt or two anyway, and fake it!

Do you need more convincing? Read on!

You need to be a part of this because: 

SITES CLEANED UP BY KRISTIIN GLANCY! This alone is worth the trip! There ARE artifacts after all, under the poison ivy and new growth forests. The camps are real again!

"Rails to trails" conversion is a possibility on Blue Creek. There is work going on in the background. Stand by, we may need your support!

Time passes and stuff happens -- see the Blue Creek area one more time. Changes are certain, eventually.

Need even more? We've got your encouragement right here! 

See the Metro Kanawha article on the reunion.

See the Reunion schedule -- hotel, maps, directions, T-shirts.

See the top-ten list of reasons to join in.

See the reunion index of past fun and remembering.

What are the benefits of Registration? It insures that there's food for everyone, and that T-shirt orders can be placed for delivery to you as early as possible.

But: Registered or not, BE SURE TO SHOW UP! Be sure to tell any fellow campers who may not be on our list to  get on board!

All your camps friends will be here!
Think about it -- in order to keep that promise to THEM, YOU need to be here also!

Aaahh, logic!

Bob "proud to be a part of it" Lilley
Santa Barbara, CA
(SCHS '59; Cliffside 51-53, Camelot 54-56, JC Camelot 57, CIT Cliffside 58)