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Here is a link to another West Virginia camp (Brookside) built by Union Carbide and more lately rehabilitated by the National Park Service, plus volunteers. Our friend Angela Allison volunteered there in the Summer of 2014, and we shared some thoughts, ideas and camp memories


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For many years, the Union Carbide Corporation in South Charleston, West Virginia, operated summer camps for children of employees. Camp Cliffside, near the Coal River, and Camps Camelot and Carlisle in the forest near Blue Creek offered a wide variety of sports, crafts, learning and fun activities. Each summer, hundreds of "Carbide kids" spent two weeks at camp during their pre-teen and teenage years. 

I remember my own 1950s experiences as a camper, junior counselor, and counselor in training as significant times of life as I learned to cope with nature and with being away from home for a while, to interact with others both younger and older, to generally grow a bit, and perhaps to learn how to make fewer dumb choices later in life.

When I heard that Dow Chemical Company was about to acquire Union Carbide, I was reminded that somewhere at Carbide there must be files and materials which were stored when the camps ceased operations. And those campers must now be living throughout the nation and the world. It is time to retrieve these materials from company and campers alike. 

I started this site in late 2000, in hopes that there are others who feel a little wistful that these camps are no longer operating, and that photos, awards, records and memorabilia deserve to be preserved. I have been moved and delighted by the response. 

If you or anyone you know has access to any "scrapbook" information on the Carbide camps, I would appreciate receiving scanned files, faxes or just information on who has what. I bet others would agree that together we can expand this page to be informative, fun, and yes, maybe a bit sentimental for all of us. 

Visit the site, view and sign the guestbook, and, by all means, get in touch -- with me and with your other camps alumni! This can be fun! 

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